• "Noise levels are well suppressed, there’s very little vibration and no matter which diesel is under the bonnet, there’s a good spread of torque."
      Vans A2Z
    • "Forget any preconception about awkward gearboxes, a bouncy ride and noisy cabins. The Terrier is really rather car-like. Yes, you sit up high, but once you get used to the upright driving position the Terrier rides bumps well, corners with precision, and is refreshingly quiet at speed. "
      Practical Caravan
      • "“Car-like” is an over-used term employed by motoring journalists to describe any old van or 4x4 that has had a few of its rough edges rounded off but the Terrier is one of the few models with roots in the world of commercial vehicles that truly merits the description."
        The Independant
        • "This new Transit has superb noise, vibration and harshness qualities and a car-like interior – it also retains the strength, durability and low cost of ownership that is expected of the Transit name."
          Fleet News
        • "The all-new model shows off Ford’s latest ‘Kinetic Design’, but the Terrier’s key selling point is space – lots of it."
          Auto Express
        • "The first thing that strikes you is how civilised it is. Wind and road noise are brilliantly suppressed, and the 2.2-litre diesel engine stays smooth and subdued most of the time."
          What Car

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